Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life in general

Life has been an emotional roller coaster recently. And I am now going to be completely honest and not hide a damn thing. If you want the juicy stuff, skip the first few paragraphs and go down to the forth ;)

First off, we are moving. Well I am moving with my parents. I haven't yet put on my big girl panties to get my own place. It also doesn't help that I am really poor right now and am getting no help from the baby maker. Moving is so stressful! We put our house up on the market and well it sold in three days, so I guess it isn't as stressful as some people have it. But we had so many people coming in and out of our house. Which meant no naps for the almost two year old. We have finally gotten him back on schedule, but I am sure once we move, he won't want to nap there. We are moving on April 26th. My room is packed. Everyone kept getting on my case to do it, but now I am all done and no one else has started. I am such a rock star. The thing I am looking forward to about this house is that it has this HUGE play scape for Ty. Yes, I fell in love with a play set. I am such a mother.

Secondly, my little tiny weeny baby is turning two on April 21st at 6:21pm. How is this remotely possible? Please tell me how a innocent little baby can turn into a busy trouble making toddler?? Crazy! ah I love him, he is my world. And no I won't get all mushy on you. We are having a birthday party on Sat. 23rd. And I am so upset about it! I had everything planned, bought, firetrucks everywhere.....but guess what?! No one can come :( And we can't do it any other day because of moving/being away...those fun things. It makes me sad, but I know he will still enjoy himself.

Third, we are going to England in May. I should be excited right?? I mean I get to see my family who I haven't seen in about four years, go to an amazing wedding...and well be home. I get to eat all the food I have been missing, and hell, watch some good old Eastenders!! But I am not. I am nervous, I don't sleep because I am up all night worrying. The flight is 8hrs long. My little guy is going to HATE it. We will have a screaming match the whole flight there. Then comes the time difference. They are 5 hours ahead. How will that work? Ty already isn't the best sleeper. He can only sleep in his crib, in his room, at our house. Last years beach trip was a mess. I was ready to leave the first day. It will all work out right??

Forth and final. Love. It can be a shitty thing sometimes. It can confuse you, make you nervous, angry, down right crazy. But you can't help it when you find someone that you want to be with for the rest of your life, even when that person may be a woman. I never thought I would date a girl. I was all about the guys. I always wanted my Prince Charming, but it ended up that The Beast never turned into a Handsome Prince, and I was left as shy little Belle reading her books and finding the assholes like that french guy. I have found someone that I want to be with for the rest of my life. I know some people won't accept it, and will always be holding out for me to marry the perfect guy. But it is not going to happen. I almost ruined my relationship because of this fear. It tore us apart, because I couldn't get over the fact that I was "supposed" to be with a man. But this lady makes me happy. Very happy, and I am so glad she is in my life :) Ty loves her, I think my family likes her lol. And we have a bunch of mutual friends, that are the best. So right now, my love life is great, I am really hoping it stays that way. And to all the judgemental people that think my "new lifestyle" isn't the best for Ty, take a look at yours. You are doing a lot worse things than I am. So please for your own sanity, look in a mirror.