Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life in general

Life has been an emotional roller coaster recently. And I am now going to be completely honest and not hide a damn thing. If you want the juicy stuff, skip the first few paragraphs and go down to the forth ;)

First off, we are moving. Well I am moving with my parents. I haven't yet put on my big girl panties to get my own place. It also doesn't help that I am really poor right now and am getting no help from the baby maker. Moving is so stressful! We put our house up on the market and well it sold in three days, so I guess it isn't as stressful as some people have it. But we had so many people coming in and out of our house. Which meant no naps for the almost two year old. We have finally gotten him back on schedule, but I am sure once we move, he won't want to nap there. We are moving on April 26th. My room is packed. Everyone kept getting on my case to do it, but now I am all done and no one else has started. I am such a rock star. The thing I am looking forward to about this house is that it has this HUGE play scape for Ty. Yes, I fell in love with a play set. I am such a mother.

Secondly, my little tiny weeny baby is turning two on April 21st at 6:21pm. How is this remotely possible? Please tell me how a innocent little baby can turn into a busy trouble making toddler?? Crazy! ah I love him, he is my world. And no I won't get all mushy on you. We are having a birthday party on Sat. 23rd. And I am so upset about it! I had everything planned, bought, firetrucks everywhere.....but guess what?! No one can come :( And we can't do it any other day because of moving/being away...those fun things. It makes me sad, but I know he will still enjoy himself.

Third, we are going to England in May. I should be excited right?? I mean I get to see my family who I haven't seen in about four years, go to an amazing wedding...and well be home. I get to eat all the food I have been missing, and hell, watch some good old Eastenders!! But I am not. I am nervous, I don't sleep because I am up all night worrying. The flight is 8hrs long. My little guy is going to HATE it. We will have a screaming match the whole flight there. Then comes the time difference. They are 5 hours ahead. How will that work? Ty already isn't the best sleeper. He can only sleep in his crib, in his room, at our house. Last years beach trip was a mess. I was ready to leave the first day. It will all work out right??

Forth and final. Love. It can be a shitty thing sometimes. It can confuse you, make you nervous, angry, down right crazy. But you can't help it when you find someone that you want to be with for the rest of your life, even when that person may be a woman. I never thought I would date a girl. I was all about the guys. I always wanted my Prince Charming, but it ended up that The Beast never turned into a Handsome Prince, and I was left as shy little Belle reading her books and finding the assholes like that french guy. I have found someone that I want to be with for the rest of my life. I know some people won't accept it, and will always be holding out for me to marry the perfect guy. But it is not going to happen. I almost ruined my relationship because of this fear. It tore us apart, because I couldn't get over the fact that I was "supposed" to be with a man. But this lady makes me happy. Very happy, and I am so glad she is in my life :) Ty loves her, I think my family likes her lol. And we have a bunch of mutual friends, that are the best. So right now, my love life is great, I am really hoping it stays that way. And to all the judgemental people that think my "new lifestyle" isn't the best for Ty, take a look at yours. You are doing a lot worse things than I am. So please for your own sanity, look in a mirror.

Monday, January 17, 2011


This weekend was a good weekend. Lots of fun with lots of friends...which I don't get to do often. When Ty goes to his dad's house, I sometimes go out with my bestie and we tend to hit certain bars in Pittsburgh. I have made new friendships this weekend and hope to keep them going strong :) Curvy was the word for the weekend, and I love it!

I have a new picture...still not very good but it shows of Ty's style and mine of course. He now owns more Chucks than I do! Lucky boy!

I did however by the book "Understanding Exposure" so once I have read that, then I may get better!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jan.12.2011 picture.

I am really trying to focus on shutter speed/aperture/ISO and all that with using my camera. My goal was to take a picture of a snowflake, but I couldn't even get close. The snow was fine when I went out yesterday. Not the big snowflakes that I would like. I tried catching one and it just melted. I guess I am just too hot! I bought the book called "Understanding Exposure" today and am waiting for it to arrive. I hope that reading it will help me out, because honestly right now I am confused :( Luckily there are groups that I have joined online to help me with this and to get inspiration so maybe by this time next year I will have my snowflake.

Here is a picture I did get yesterday. its just a branch and the focus is off and the lighting....and everything else, but its all I have!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Picture of the week. Jan 10th 2011

I haven't blogged since September, and honestly not much has changed besides my little tiny baby becoming a big boy. I swaer he changed over night, and it really sad! I love this age, we can have full conversations with each other, and he says the most random and funniest things ever! If he sees or hears a fire truck he'll scream "Fire Fire" and do the shocked face. Sweetest thing ever.  We had an amazing christmas, my Nana came over from England like always, and Ty had a blast with her. Unfortunately, silly me didn't get a picture of Ty with her! Oh well...we are going over to England in May so I will be sure to get it then. I bought myself a new camera for Christmas and I love it...I just haven't mastered it yet. I always lean towards auto, but I need to learn how to use manual. It is the Canon Rebel T1i :) Since I got it, I swore I would put it to use and take some great shots...well I have learned that my camera is amazing and can take great shots, but unless the person using it doesn't know her camera, those shots are really hard to get.

 I am going to do a picture of the week starting today. It may not be the best shot ever, and it might not even be of Ty ( I know, shocker), but I am going to stick with this plan to get my blog rolling again! I may do a few different picture blogs but this is my main idea. Ok so here is this weeks picture.

This was taken on Saturday Jan 8th. We picked my sister up from school and went to The Strip District, which is one of my favorite places in Pittsburgh. It was my goal to take a million amazing pictures, but it didn't work out too well. Everyone was moving to fast, and it was hard to really focus on one thing, since there was so much going on.

Here is the shot I got. I did some edicting to it, and while doing that I realized I made a huge mistake. When I took the picture, I did a limb chop. Sorry sister but you have no feet.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Its been a while!

I can't believe how long its been since I have updated. I almost forgot how to log on to here! I wish I would keep up with this like I use to. I miss blogging!!
Things are so amazing in my life right now. Sure I am still battling some struggles, but I am doing it with a more positive outlook, and I think that is helping. I am less stressed and am just enjoying spending every minute with my baby...who is not much of a baby anymore. Ty is now 16 months and he's a joy. A very tiring joy! He is so energetic and is getting into everything, but hey he is a boy! We recently recieved some new diapers from some wonderful friends of ours, and are loving using them! Sunbaby diapers rock, you all need to look into them!

About a month ago, I purchased a custom mini quilt from a wonderful friend. Ty loves his quilt, and is constantly hugging it and playing with it. I cannot wait to save up and buy another one from Tracey!

Check out her quilting blog, she's an awesome momma with an amazingly handsome little boy! Traceyjay quilts

I have a few diapers to pay forward, as Ty no longer fits in them. So this week I will make a blog for it, and hopefully find someone who I can give some diapers to. Diapers include Cow Patties CD and some other WAHM dipes! I would love to pay these forward!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Of course, something else...

Well recently we have found Ty a couple new snacks. He LOVES fruit cups, pears, oranges..peaches ect. He can't get enough of them! So we give him about two a day...since he has been very picky recently! Even Anuty Amanda has become somewhat addicted to them. We buy the ones that are in water or juice with no we can  try and be healthy. Well guess what? A study has been done, and of course they found out that the foods we feed our children are not safe. This is even food geared towards babies, such as Gerber products. They have found an excess amount of LEAD...yes thats right, LEAD in these products. How can we feel safe as parents to feed our children anything? Or give them medicine that is supposed to help them, not harm them? The FDA really really needs to crack down on this.

Website with information on fruit