Monday, January 17, 2011


This weekend was a good weekend. Lots of fun with lots of friends...which I don't get to do often. When Ty goes to his dad's house, I sometimes go out with my bestie and we tend to hit certain bars in Pittsburgh. I have made new friendships this weekend and hope to keep them going strong :) Curvy was the word for the weekend, and I love it!

I have a new picture...still not very good but it shows of Ty's style and mine of course. He now owns more Chucks than I do! Lucky boy!

I did however by the book "Understanding Exposure" so once I have read that, then I may get better!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jan.12.2011 picture.

I am really trying to focus on shutter speed/aperture/ISO and all that with using my camera. My goal was to take a picture of a snowflake, but I couldn't even get close. The snow was fine when I went out yesterday. Not the big snowflakes that I would like. I tried catching one and it just melted. I guess I am just too hot! I bought the book called "Understanding Exposure" today and am waiting for it to arrive. I hope that reading it will help me out, because honestly right now I am confused :( Luckily there are groups that I have joined online to help me with this and to get inspiration so maybe by this time next year I will have my snowflake.

Here is a picture I did get yesterday. its just a branch and the focus is off and the lighting....and everything else, but its all I have!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Picture of the week. Jan 10th 2011

I haven't blogged since September, and honestly not much has changed besides my little tiny baby becoming a big boy. I swaer he changed over night, and it really sad! I love this age, we can have full conversations with each other, and he says the most random and funniest things ever! If he sees or hears a fire truck he'll scream "Fire Fire" and do the shocked face. Sweetest thing ever.  We had an amazing christmas, my Nana came over from England like always, and Ty had a blast with her. Unfortunately, silly me didn't get a picture of Ty with her! Oh well...we are going over to England in May so I will be sure to get it then. I bought myself a new camera for Christmas and I love it...I just haven't mastered it yet. I always lean towards auto, but I need to learn how to use manual. It is the Canon Rebel T1i :) Since I got it, I swore I would put it to use and take some great shots...well I have learned that my camera is amazing and can take great shots, but unless the person using it doesn't know her camera, those shots are really hard to get.

 I am going to do a picture of the week starting today. It may not be the best shot ever, and it might not even be of Ty ( I know, shocker), but I am going to stick with this plan to get my blog rolling again! I may do a few different picture blogs but this is my main idea. Ok so here is this weeks picture.

This was taken on Saturday Jan 8th. We picked my sister up from school and went to The Strip District, which is one of my favorite places in Pittsburgh. It was my goal to take a million amazing pictures, but it didn't work out too well. Everyone was moving to fast, and it was hard to really focus on one thing, since there was so much going on.

Here is the shot I got. I did some edicting to it, and while doing that I realized I made a huge mistake. When I took the picture, I did a limb chop. Sorry sister but you have no feet.