Thursday, June 3, 2010

The DOWNs of motherhood

Yesterday we were all playing in the living room, Ty being his usual self and running everywhere. I was watching him and was thinking that he was going to fall and cut his head open, I could see it happen, and then I thought that I would text Michelle so she could update all my BOF mommies. Only two minutes later it happened. He was running around and fell into the corner of the wall. It was a loud thud. I sat there frozen. He started crying and I rushed to him. There was blood everywhere, on the carpet, all down him, in his eyes, mouth..everywhere. I have never in my life seen that much blood. We put a wet paper towel on it and got him in the car. I was in shock I couldn't speak, I was stuttering. I tried to say words but they wouldn't come out.

We arrived at the ER which luckily is only 5 mins down the road. Ty had calmed down and wanted to play with all the toys but I wouldn't let him since he was covered in blood. The nurse took us in and took all his vitals. He hated the different people coming in and doing stuff to him. The doctor came in (a nice pediatric doc from childrens) and took a look at him. He needed stitches. He put some numbing cream on the cut and a band aid. Came back 30 mins later do to the stitches.

X arrived. and he was so mean to me when my family was out of the room. I was already feeling like a crappy mother, but he made it worse. Saying I should have watched him more and that this could have been prevented. The nurse came in and supermanned Ty's arms in a pillow case, and then swaddled him. Thats what he hated most, being held down. The doc then did his stitches. Three of them, which wasn't too bad but I wish he hadn't of needed them.

I saw my friend Anthony at the ER, he works there and he was such a sweetheart!

I never thought my little man would ever need stitches. I never thought he would get hurt, I never thought this would happen to him. I thought he was indestructible. With a name like Tyson, he should be beating the walls up. Not the walls beating him up!

Ty is ok now, I have been giving him pain relievers and he is his normal self. Running around like a mad man, which is making me a nervous wreck!!!

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  1. You are SO not a bad mother! These things ALL kids. In fact, Tyson would probably be considered pretty weird if he grew up without ever injuring himself. You WERE watching him, and you did what any great parent would do - took care of him and made sure his injuries were taken care of. It could've happened just as easily if his father had been watching him.

    Kids are resilient - it sounds like he's already back to his usual mischief. And what a brave little guy for getting stitches! :)