Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mothers Day....

Mothers Day...just another Hallmark Holiday? Part of these days are just a way for card companies, flower companies, spa's and restaurants to make more money. It is true that flower sales go up around this time of year. Shouldn't we be buying our Mothers flowers every day of the year? Mothers do so much for us, cook, clean (they still will when you live on your own!) call us to check in, hold us when we are feeling down, and love us with all of their hearts. I know I take my mum for granted sometimes. She takes care of me so well, and she takes care of Ty too. I know I should show more appriciation for her. I think becoming a mom myself has made me realise all that she does for me. We celebrated Mothers Day for my mum a few weeks ago, as Mothers Day is on a different day in England. We bought her a few gifts, but do gifts really mean anything? It brought a smile to her face, but I want to bring that smile to her face every day with out buying a gift. I need to show her how much I care about her and how what she does for me means so much. I need to start pitching in more. Doing more laundry, cleaning the house more. She works, takes care of Ty while I work, and she has to take care of herself too. She has made my life as a single mom so much easier. While flowers and chocolates are nice, I think a hug and an I love you is nicer, those are things we should give our moms everyday.

Last year I celebrated my first mothers day. I was upset because I didn't even get a card! But thinking about it now, Ty was just a was he to know? And he shows me he loves me everyday with that smile that makes my heart melt. and makes everything that I do for him feel so right.

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