Sunday, April 4, 2010

I should have kept my boy intact

What I am about to write some people may not want to read, I'm sure you are all grown ups and the terms I am using are all correct terms and medical terms so it should be fine. I apologize to Ty in advance for letting the whole world know how he is.

I should have kept my boy intact. It was one of those parental decisions that I didn't fully think thru and now regret. When Ty was born, Joe and I made the descion to get him circumcised. It was kind of a no brainer, like "Yea every guy is so he should be too". But thats not the case. Sure its still the 'norm' but the percentage of boys being circumcised is dropping. In 1960 over 80% of men were circumcised, In 1992, it dropped to 77% and in 1996, it dropped to 37%  Percentages.  I think now its split evenly. After the fact that he was circumcised was when I started looking into it. Sure its easier to keep clean, but if you teach the boy how to clean it then he'll be fine. The World Health Organization says that evidence shows that male circumcision decreases the risk of aids. Study. So ok...maybe it could keep him from getting a disease...but what about the risks that could have occured? There were some complications that could have occured when he got it done. He could have gotten an infection, meatitis (which is an inflamation of the penis).  There are more serious complications, such as necrotizing fasitis, which is a bacterial infection that can destroy the muscles, skin and underlying tissue Definition. While being uncircumsised also has a few risks, such as UTI's being at a higher percentage, and penile carcinoma, which is a penile cancer but very rare...studies show its a higher percentage in uncircumsied men. But the underlying problem I have with my desicion was why? What made me do it? I hadn't even researched to find out what would be best for him. I guess I just thought it was the norm. But who was I to chop of part of my sons manly hood? After he got it done it looked so sore...why would I put my son thru that pain? Just to fit in with his friends in the locker room? When he grows up, I bet the ratio of un circumcised men will be more than circumsised men. Its not like doctors in this country go around cutting little girls parts off...although they do in some countries. Was he not perfect the way God made him? Yes he was. He still is but for some reason I let the doctor snip part of him off. I am ashamed of myself for not researching this more before I made my descion. So I ask those who are pregnant with a boy, or are trying then to do your research, and not just make your descion based on the ''normal'' thing to do.

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  1. You're right, it is the norm, but that is in America. The majority of other countries don't do this to their boys. When we think we can make better decisions than what God has made for us, we need to think again. Don't be ashamed. It's done, and I know that because of it and your research, you are a better mum each and every day! Keep learning and making informed decisions. I for one am very, VERY proud of you!