Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lets talk about hair...again

I don't think I'm ever going to cut his hair. Just because he's a boy doesn't mean he has to have short hair. It may be the norm but I don't care. Lots of little boys look cute with longer hair! I'm not saying that I'll let it grow down to his waist, but I like it how it is now and wouldn't mind it a little longer. Here are some pictures to show that some boys do have long hair, and then I'll add in pics of Ty.
On the left is Kingston Rosdale, his hair is super cute, and Ty's is starting to look like that. I think it still looks boyish.

                             Here is Kate Hudson's son Ryder Robinson, his hair to me is adorable! And still boyish.
And here we have Charlie and Tennyson Crowe, not only are their names super cute, but their hair is adorable! I love this look and I think this is the look we'll go for with Ty's.

See its not too long!!!! Its cute, and its getting pretty wavy at the back which I absolutly LOVE!

Sure when he grows up and he wants to shave it all off, I'll let him. But right now I think the long hair suits him! So I wont let anyone cut it!!!


  1. I love Ty's hair! If Carter's hair had any wave to it, I wouldn't have cut it. Unfortunately he has poker straight hair, and I wasn't digging the mullet!

  2. I agree! I may trim the front just so it's not in his eyes all the time... at least that is my plan with Adam.. I LOVE his curls!

  3. Don't cut it! He has the same hair as Pax and I can't bring myself to cut it either! From the back he looks just like my little guy its crazy. I think his hair totally fits him momma!!