Monday, April 12, 2010

Next time around

While I was a SAHM I had some free time to build a friendship with some wonderful ladies online. These ladies have helped me thru a lot of things, we help each other out as much as we can and keep each other sane! If only we lived close to each other, we'd be the best of friends, and our kids would be too!
Anyways one of the ladies on there made a post about what she would do differently the next time around. I wanted to write down what I'd do differently too. And there are quite a few things, little things but they would have made a difference.
1) At the hospital I would have taken more pictures of him, and of me with him.
2) I would have layed him in his crib right away, so he'd get used to it.
3) I would have tried everything in my power to breastfeed.
4) I would not have co-slept. Even though I loved every minute of it and think it is a wonderful thing to do, it just made the transistion to crib a lot harder and made for many sleep less nights.
5) I would have kept up with his baby book
6) I would have actually PRINTED pictures out!!! I have all my pictures online, but non printed out. I don't have an album. I'm trying to make a Tyson's first year album on shutterfly, but it is so hard, I have so many pictures! I feel bad not having any hung up around my house :(
7) I would have been in a loving stable relationship and married :) lol

Thanks Sarah for your great posts!!!

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