Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt.....totall fail!

I was so excited to take Ty on his first easter egg hunt today. I bought him a basket, pumped myself up, had the camera ready....but it was a huge flop. Ty is usually the happiest boy on the block. Only ever cries if he is hungry. His schedule must have been off since he was at his dad's last night. We picked up my sister and drove to the church where it was being held. He cried the whole way there. I knew we wouldn't last long! He wouldn't even let me put him down to get a picture of him picking up an egg. I thought he would have so much fun with this as he runs all over the place and picks everything up. Pebbles are his new favorite toy. We even found one in his crib...must have snuck it into his shorts! I was so excited for him to go on his first egg hunt....I know I know....its not what Easter is about...and I plan on teaching him the meaning of it...but its his first easter, we had to do something!! We ended up leaving the hunt with two eggs, which mommy and auntie amanda picked up! Came home and put him straight down for a nap...must have been tired, he's sleeping again now. We did however take some pictures after he woke up. Amanda took them so I'm stealing them from her FB I hope she doesn't mind!

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