Saturday, April 10, 2010


I wanted to share a few random pictures, some are from Easter, and some are from Ty's first tme trying ice cream!! They are just too cute not to share, and these are the last few weeks of him before he turns into a big boy! :( Also I am going to get a tattoo. None of my family is going to be happy about it at all! But I have always wanted one, and now I actually have something to get one for. I'm going to get Ty's name on my wrist. If I land a professional job or something, then I can cover it up with a band aid or watch. I going to do it!

He had the cutest shirt on that we found last year at Kohls. Of course I bought him summer clothes last year thinking that he would be huge, since at 5 months he was in 9-12 month clothes. Well of course he slowed right down and his whole closet is full of summer clothes that I don't think he'll fit in to until winter!!

Tyson loved his ice cream!! And it was free!! If they are under a certain height at Brusters then they get a free ice cream! Yum! Ty loves walking around, but all the shoes he has give him blisters! No fun! So he goes barefoot!

Where we live we have some pretty strange golf balls with legs...weird...but they were fun to take pictures with!

And to end it with a bang....REAR FACING ROCKS!


  1. He is SO cute, Rachel! His momma is turning him into a very snappy dresser - you're going to have to beat the ladies off of him! :)