Monday, February 15, 2010

A fresh start

I'm starting fresh. It was time for some change here. Change in relationships, change in living arrangements, change in jobs, but one thing remains the same, and that is my love for my son Tyson. Change can be a good thing. Breaking away from someone who was negative in your life is a good thing. But it can be hard. I have come to know that over the last few weeks. Tyson's life will be better of without the fighting and negative feelings that were in his surroundings. I'm proud that I have moved on and I'm proud to be living in a place which is move healthy for me and the little lad. As well as me taking a step in the right direction, Tyson has also, he took a few steps the other day, and walked to Grumpy to retreive some keys. It was amzing watching him do that. He has also started to clap, which is something I thought he would do a long time ago, but he finally picked it up, my little man is so cute! I landed a new job working in a spa which will be fun, relaxing and more of a friendly place. Its part time so I still will be able to spend most of my time with Ty which is what I wanted.
Each day I will do a new topic. Mondays will be question of the day, Tuesdays will be throwback day, Wednesdays will be looking into the future, Thursdays will be random picture, Fridays will be quiz of the day, and Sats and Sunday I may just blog.
Who knows I may not do any of that, but heres to hoping.

Question of the Day: What is the hardest thing about being a young mother?
Answer: Most of my friends don't have babies, so trying to relate to them is hard. I can't go out and have fun with them and stay out late. Nor do I want to. I don't think that many of them understand that either, which is ashame.


  1. you plan what days you do what for your blog! CRAZY!hehehe... I just blog whenI have something to blog about.. maybe I"m doing it wrong

  2. Hey Rachel! Love the blog so far and I can't wait to read more!

    If you're looking for a really cute mommy-blog, check out :)

  3. I was 22 when I had Lisa. Looking back I can see pros and cons of being a young mother. The definite pro was Lisa getting to know and love my grandfather before he passed away. The biggest con was my lack of patience. When I look back and how I would snap at her for stupid things I feel so guilty.

    Of course a pro is growing with them. You are still young enough to get on the floor and crawl around and be able to get back up. LOL. You are still young enough when they are teenagers that you can relate to things they are going through. When they graduate and move on, you are still young enough to enjoy and do things in life. When they have their own children, you will be a young grandma.

    A con is your baby's father still takes years to grow up. LOL.

    You are a wonderful mother, Rachel. I admit, I wasn't sure how you would be not knowing you well and being so young but you've proven yourself over and over again. You have a happy, healthy, smart and sweet little boy that I want to hug to pieces!