Friday, February 19, 2010

Fridays-Quiz Day!!

So I took a baby personality quiz on I had to answer a few questions, like What Does your baby do when He is hungry?- Answer, Whines for a little but settles right down. Questions like that. Here was his results.

What can you expect for your baby? He will be very popular. He will not have any problems making friends. He is fun, optimistic, and full of energy. He may not be the most organized person but he thinks well on his feet. He likes to see everyone get along and may meddle in other people's relationships in his attempt to keep the peace. He is outgoing and not afraid of meeting new people. In school, he is likely to be in the drama club, on a sports team, or involved in the yearbook committee. He enjoys socializing and he may be everyone's best bud and confidant. He likes to give out advice even though his advice is not always the best. Even though he is very popular, he is very insecure. He likes to be praised by others and will seek out people that give his attention.

He will likely pursue a career working with people. He would be miserable if he had to work in a cubicle with nobody to talk to. He may be indecisive when picking a career. He may try more than one job before he settles on one he likes. Career choices may include waiter, journalist, teacher, health professional, stockbroker, or sales representative.
As I was reading that, I thought to myself and it seems that he might turn out like me. Which is a good thing in someways. I like meeting new people, I was in chorus all my life, and drama. I want a career working with people, and I like getting praises from people. One thing that bugged me about this was when it said "Even though he is very popular, he is insecure". I don't want my baby to be insecure. Its something that I have struggled with all my life. I know everyone will feel insecure from time to time, but I don't want that to happy to my baby. I'm going to show him all the positives in life, and praise him, and tell him how gorgeous he is, and tell him I love him. I want the best for my boy, and I want him to feel good about himself. I know this was just a silly little quiz, but it reminded me that I am the one raising him, and I need to show him more love than I do now. I need to build his confidence, I need to be the best mommy I can be. And I will. Watch me.


  1. Of course he'll always get praise from Aunt Karen! Sadly though, no matter how much praise you give them, all it takes is one bad remark from a peer to undermine that.

    The remarks about him meddling in relationships and not giving the best advice sounds like me. LOL!


  2. Rachel.. you have to teach me how to make my blog as cool as yours

  3. Haha Krystal I really don't know what I'm doing on here, I don't even know where the spell check is!! If you are looking for backgrounds, there is a link at the top of my blog, they have some good free ones!