Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday- PSA

So today I decided that instead of taking a quiz that is aimed to tell me I suck at being a mom, I thought I would put some advice out there for those who have young children or are pregnant or are thinking about becoming pregnant. Now you don't have to take my adivce, I won't be offended, but I would really like it if you did. Some of you really aren't going to like this advice, and I'm sure some won't agree with it. But research backs me up 100% on this one. If I loose any readers, I'm sorry! But I wanted to let everyone know about Car Seat Safety. Thanks to the website, which has a great community site, I have learned so much about car seats. There is a great board on there just for car seat questions, and there are tons of mommy's choosing to rear face their kiddos for longer than 1 year and 20lbs. Sure that is the law, your child HAS to be 1 Year old AND 20lbs to be turned forward facing, but is it really that safe? The AAP suggests keeping your child rear faced until they are TWO and or outgrow the rear facing weight limit of their convertable seat. AAP Article. There are many Youtube videos that have a PSA about keeping your child rear faced until 2. You can look them up. I have done my research so I am passing it along to you. Now some of you may be thinking "Well my child will be uncomfortable rear facing, he'll have no where to put his legs". Your child can sit crossed legged, or can put his feet on the seat. He wont be uncomfortable. Some children prefer it. You may also be thinking "Well what if we get in an accident? If we are hit from behind, his legs will get broken". Well in all honesty, would you rather your childs legs, or neck be broken? God forbid you were to get in an accident. I don't want to sound harsh on this post, but I want to let people become aware of Extended Rear Facing (ERF). Many people are in the dark on this topic, and I really want to let people know that research backs this up, and that it is so much safer for your child to be rear faced up until the age two, rather than one. Rear Facing is safer!!
MSNBC Article

Tyson is one of the cool guys, he will be rear facing until he grows out of his seat. The weight limit for rear facing on our seat, the Grace MyRide 65, is 40lbs, so yea he'll be like that for a while!!! There are lots of great seats out there that rear face, Britax, Radians, Evenflo Triumph Advanced, Grace MyRide 65. So please look into this and rear face!!

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