Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday- Random picture #2

I love Halloween, it is one of my favorite holidays...even though it isn't a holiday! I love going to get pumpkins, carve them and pass out candy. Tyson was about 6 months old on his first halloween. He was a little pumpkin! I really hope that we have many great Halloween's in the future, and I hope that Tyson enjoys them as much as I do! I have a few years to dress him up like I want to before he decides he wants to be a really spooky creature! Here is a picture of Ty when he was helping to pass out candy. The Trick or Treat day was on a different day...not Halloween!!! Odd! Oh and don't tell him he is wearing baby girl leggings!!!

I wanted to add in a picture of me while Ty was in my tummy, and also a picture of a few of my friends. I found a great one for you! Unfortunately I don't get to see two of them very often, I actually don't think I've seen Laura since Ty was born :( I have had so much fun with these ladies, and wish they were still in my life. Marianna is my bestie and luckily I do get to see her. She has fun with Ty!!
I'm such a giant! Can you guess who the preggo momma is??

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