Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Seven #2

1. Went out for lunch with someone great
2. Realized my baby is growing too fast and I need him to slooooowwwww down
3. Officially started training at the Spa. It should be fun, and the discount is amazing!!!
4. Hung out with Bestie at the store, tried to hide from Steve but had no such luck
5. Got stressed out BIG time trying to pick a theme for Ty's 1st Birthday
6. Went out with great friends for drinks :)
7. Haven't done it yet....but am going to a benefit concert for Haiti tonight!!!

I think this week was a little more exciting than last week! I am really pleased with my post from yesterday. I want to do more PSA's if you don't mind. I am going to voice my opinion more. I recieved a lot of feedback in the form of e-mails for yesterday's post. And all were nice ones so thank you! And thank you for keeping your child rear faced as long as possible! I enjoyed this week. Ty is really starting to take a lot more steps, which is scary! And makes me sad. I made a great new friend, its funny how friendships are made these days, especially when you knew that person in HS and never even talked to them! LOL.  Thats all for today :)

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