Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday- QOTD

I'm sorry I didn't blog yesterday! Tyson turned Ten Months Old yesterday! My how time flies. It only felt like yesterday that I was changing my very first diaper, struggling with trying to breast feed, and crying because I didn't know what to do with this new little life who cried, and slept! I was so lost. Thanfully I had my parents and a wonderful sister who would come over and help me out while Joe was away. A new little life that I was responsible for, and I didn't even know how to hold him right! So now that the little man is 10 months old I only have 2 months to plan his 1st birthday party!! Yikes!!!! So that brings me to the question of the day. And this time its not a question for me, its a question for my readers!
QOTD- What theme should I do for Tyson's 1st Birthday? Where should I buy the cake? Help!!!
Please post a comment below and give me lots of suggestions for his birthday! Thanks!!!!


  1. Oh I don't know! Are you going to have a big party or small?
    I am going to take Adrian to the zoo, so I'll have a zoo cake and zoo shirt.
    There are so many options though! Sesame Street, Cars, Animals, Farm, Dress-up, Monkeys...
    As for where to buy the cake I have no idea :p I'm lost too, and I will have to try to make them understand English or it could get lost in translation!!

  2. costco makes amazing sheet cakes and they are only like 15-20$. i highly recommend the strawberry cream filling :) they have a lot of themes to choose from there also. sorry, i really don't have any good theme ideas!- steph hutchinson (sorry, i totally snoop on your blog, but i like it :)

  3. Dudts bakery has realllyy good cakes. Im not sure about a theme though, I'll have to think about it!

  4. Faithfully cakes, a co worker got his daughters sweet 16 cake there and it was awesome. If you visit the website her cake was the one in the middle on the homepage

  5. Thanks Ladies!!
    Liz a zoo birthday sounds fun! We will do something small! Goog luck with the translation!
    Steph-I've had costco cakes before and they are good! I'll have to see what themes they have, and its ok that you snoop!!
    Amanda-Dudts made our grad/birthday cake right?
    Anonymous-I'll have to look at faithfully cakes, but not too sure where it is located but thanks!

  6. mginnis sisters has amazing cakes..they made my wedding cake..and im voting for a zoo theme its so cute

  7. ohh yeah i totally forgot about mimi's bakery too (over by quaker steak). they did my wedding cakes and they were awesome. might be kind of pricey though. -steph