Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday: Looking into the Future

To explain this post, I guess I'll have to rewind and start by telling you that Tyson has a father. His name is Joe, and he is a wonderful Dad. He plays with Ty, plays him guitar, and is overall a great guy. Things just didn't work out with us as a couple. As much as I wish we did, we just didn't mesh right and it is healthier for us to be apart. So as I look into the future, part of me wishes that Joe would be a part of my life too. But I need to give up that idea. If we didn't work now, we wont work later. I do hope to have more children one day, as I love being a mommy. But I wont rush. I do hope to feel butterflies in my tummy, and fall head over heals in love one day. But I already feel that when I look at Ty. Watching a lifetime movie made me realize that I don't need a man. Yea it took a lifetime movie to show me that. The lady was happy being single, and she was going to marry herself. Of course in the end she did end up marrying a guy. But the part where she is happy being single, and she was strong being single made me think. Yes I can. Yes, I can do this. I can do it without him. I can be strong with out him. I can move on. Sure I've moved backwards, now living with my parents, and it will take me a while to gain back that down payment I put on our house, but I'll do it. I need to be strong for Tyson. And I will be. No one can tell me I can't do this. I won't listen to them. I will not lower my standards for anyone. This was a look into the far future. Most of my Wednesday posts will be a look into the near future. Like planning Tyson's First Birthday. You can help with ideas :)