Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Are Moms really THAT busy??

So I'm watching Dr. Phil right now, and its actually making me mad. I love him, but its quite insulting. University of Maryland did a study saying that Mom's have 30-40 hours of lesuire time a week!!! Ummm WHAT???? I guess I need to count Ty's naps...ok thats 3 hrs a day. I may sit and write my blog for half an hour, but I'm on edge waiting to hear that little cry from Tyson. Or i'm cleaning, or folding some laundry. Ty goes to bed around 8. I go to bed at 10. Ok thats two more hours. But thats when I eat dinner, or get my clothes ready for the next day of work, or shower....showering to me is not a lesuire activity...its a nessecity. I don't think people want me to go a few days with out showering. I'm on call all day. Ty is walking/running so I'm constantly going after him. He's teething, so I'm always consoling him. I'm preparing his meals, taking him out places to keep him occupied...working...Mom's are BUSY all the time. We hardly get time for ourselves, and when we do, we are always thinking about our babies and worrying that they are ok. I used to be a SAHM and I miss it...but I feel that it was MORE work than being a part time working mom. Full time SAHMs really make me proud. Working is sometimes a little break for me...but its still not lesuire time! It has become a little easier now that I am living with my parents, but I still hardly get a break. When I was living with Joe, I did everything. Men hardly change diapers, men hardly cook, men hardly do laundry....and this man was even home all day playing mobsters! Thats lesuire time!! I just don't understand where this research comes from. Mom's lesuire time comes in little increments, we don't get a whole chunk of time like from 1-5. We might get it from 1:30-2, then from 5-5:30. Some men who aren't SAHDs work then expect to be able to go out with their friends all day on saturday...when do the mom's get to go out? Pshhhhhhh...lesuire butt! :)

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  1. So true...people have no idea how much hard work this mom job is!!