Monday, March 29, 2010

Be proud momma!

I never imagined that I'd look this good after having Ty. I'm not saying that too sound like a brat or anything. But I actually feel pretty proud of my body. Sure I have days where I just want to throw on a t-shirt and crawl in to bed, but I think everyone does. I haven't worked out, and I've been eating more than I should, but still...I look good! On friday night I went out. I did my hair, put makeup on, wore a cute outfit...I looked in the mirror and told myself... "You look fantstic!" With that attitude and confidence, I knew I would have a good night. And I did. I think it is all about pumping your self up, and having confidence. If you don't do that then you will feel and look sloppy. You have to hold your chin up, and put those sholders back, and walk like a runway model...well doing those things make me feel like I rule the world :) There might be something different that you do...maybe its doing your hair a certain way...or wearing a certain article of clothing...there is always something that makes us feel proud of who we are and what we look like. Its been almost a year since I had Ty. I got one little stretch mark on my hip. At first I hated it. But I'm proud of it and I hope it never dissapears. It shows me that I carried my son in my belly, and that he is mine. It shows me all the hard work I put into kepping him safe and giving him a place to grow. Sure I still have a little pudge here and there...but I'm loosing that. And I don't care if I never fit in to my size 4's again. I'm proud of my body. Its who I am. You should be proud of yours too. Even if you think you have some work to should still strut your stuff and show it off. Be proud momma, be proud!

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  1. You are awesome Rachel, I wish I had that confidence. Heels used to do it for me, but now I can't balance them while wearing 32 pounds of Adrian on my back! Boohoo!!! Maybe I will have to practice around the house.
    You do look awesome ;)