Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday- Looking into the future #3

Ty is officially up and walking!!! He has been taking steps here and there but I didn't want to make it official yet, partly because I didn't want him growing up too fast, and partly because I didn't know what "official" walking was. He'll walk right across the room now and will walk to the toy he wants. I can't believe my little man is growing up!! Ten Months old!! YIKES! What will he do next?? Run? Talk back to me? Start playing soccer? Get a girlfriend? Get married? Geez I'm going to be a grandma before you know it! How did ten months fly by so quickly? Usually my life goes so slow, because it was so boring, but now I am praying for it to slow down. The days end so fast. I see changes in Ty everyday. His hair grows, he grows, heck his eye lashes will not stop growing!! I think I picked a theme for his birthday. A magazine came in the mail and there was a cute monkey theme. He wears a monkey hat everyday so I think this will be a good fit for him! Not like he'll remember anyways!! I believe Joe and I will do seperate parties, so I don't know their theme yet. Lucky boy...two parties! I will try and keep ours small, just close family and friends. Ok well quick night for me as I am so tired!! I will try and get a video of my little munchin walking tomorrow!!

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