Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Vent

Today I'm just going to ramble. Firsts mean a lot to me. First cry, first poopy diaper, first smile, first laugh, first "mama", first wave, first sitting up unassisted, first crawl, first clap, first wave, and first steps. They mean so much to me that when Ty has a first I have always been the one to see it happen for the first time. I always seem to cry when these firsts happen. Its a happy feeling, that Ty is becoming independant, but it is so sad that my baby is growing up too quick. Tyson has always had hair, ever since he was born. When he came out, the delivery nurse said "He looks like Zack Efron with all that hair!!". Its always been long, but we've been able sweep it off to the side. I do plan to cut it, I really do. But part of me can't do it because that will make him look like a little boy, not a baby. I have a big plan for his first hair cut, take before and after pictures, video tape it, save his hair to put it in the baby book. It is one of his firsts that I really want to be there for. When I took Ty to his dad's house this morning, Joe said he was going to cut Ty's hair. Ummmmm WHAT????!!! NO!  Do firsts not mean as much to dad's as they do moms? Or am I over reacting? I cried and cried when Joe said this. Luckilly I was able to convince him not to, but what if he had done it without telling me, and I had missed that first? He wouldn't have pictures, he wouldn't have his first piece of hair in his baby book. I don't know if I am being selfish about this or if every mother feels this way. I know there will be many hair cuts to come, but this would be his first one, his baby hair! He'll never get his baby hair back! I am praying that he doesn't come home with his hair cut. I will be shattered if he does! :(


  1. Oh I would have been so upset too Rachel! That is definitely a big first, and I'm glad Joe didn't go ahead and do it. Let him know that you can both go for his first hair cut, but it is definitely something you need to be at!
    I am sad for you :(

  2. Aww I'm glad he didn't cut it! Firsts are a much bigger deal to mamas than daddy's! Even my hubby said it! I hope you get to enjoy that first haircut!

  3. Um, yeah, dad's just aren't as sentimental as mommys. Ever. I hope he doesn't go ahead and do it knowing your feelings about it.

    You didn't mention his humpy hair period of time. Hehehe. I loved that.

  4. Aw yeah I forgot about his humpy hair :( Its been so long since he's had that little hump!