Saturday, March 27, 2010

Healthy Eating

I try to be healthy. And I want to try and pass that on to Ty. He eats much more fruit and veg than I do. I am thankful that I have my mum around to help me chose healthy meals for him. He loves blueberries, bananas, brocolli, tomatoes...anything really! I really like Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. I love Jamie anyways...I love his cook books and loved all his other shows in the past. I really think he is doing a great thing by going to Huntington and cooking at the schools. I can't believe all the crap that these kids are eating. It truly disgusts me. I must be honest....when I moved over here, I was super skinny. But the food that I chose to eat over here has made me fat. Its crazy how many fast food restaurants are over here. And the portion sizes over here are huge. The saying Everything is bigger in America is so true.  I have made choices to eat at these fast food chains, and eat the big portions, so I get that I made those desicions. Sure England has its problems too, but I feel that food is more of a problem over here. I try so hard not to eat processed food, and I don't serve it to Ty. He only gets fresh food. When he starts school, I really hope that the system will have changed so I don't have to worry about the nutrition he is getting while there. I know I'll be packing his lunch for a long time. Its sad that Jamie has been given so much crap about him coming over here and doing this. But it needs to be done. Too many kids are over weight. Their parents are always feeding them to keep them entertained or to keep them quiet. Our children are going to die before us if we don't start feeding them right. So lets make a revolution for ourselves. To keep our children healthy, and to make eating healthy fun for them. We have to set good examples for them and keep ourselves healthy too.


  1. amen sister! I have a weight problem and I do not want my children to as well. So I have changed the way I eat in hopes 1. to lose weight... and 2. to be a good example... last night I ate icky pizza rolls (my first "bad" meal) since I changed my eating which was nearly 2 months ago... and I felt TERRIBLE all night long! Adam loves veggies and chooses them over just about everything. Sadly my husband has a terrible sweet tooth and thinks it's fun to give Adam tastes...

  2. Honestly, plan on packing Ty's lunches because nothing will change in the schools. First, it's NOT the lunch ladies/cooks fault. We only cook what we are told too. The bottom line is MONEY. Buying processed foods is way cheaper than buying fresh. Plus, no matter what he says, it takes a long time to prepare fresh food. The companies would have to hire more employees which again is MONEY that they won't spend.

    I rarely eat fast food. My problem is my intense sweet tooth and my love of all things carbs. I could live on chocolate and bread!