Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Seven LOL, and total blog fail.

Sunday Seven (Supposed to be Saturday Seven lol)

1. Went out for sushi, with a great friend
2. Went shopping with the same great friend and bought a good book, "When God Writes your love story"
3. Worked by myself with no training!! Scary, but I did it!!
4. Got a video of Tyson walking although its very blury
5. Went to the musical, Oklahoma! Seneca always does a wonderful job!!
6. Saw Curtis Stone at the market district, so cute!
7. Was very very very jealous of my friends who are in Jackson Hole right now!!

Total Fail

This blog is begining to fail. At the start it was pretty good, but now it really shows how boring and un eventful my life really is! I'm even skipping some days! I'm sorry!! I will try and make it better, I promise. And if anyone has any topics they would like me to write about, or if you have any questions you want to ask me, feel free to comment! This week I'll try and figure out some more juicy topics, and once the weather warms up, I'll be doing lots of park trips so we'll have a lot more pictures and fun stories!!

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  1. Keep blogging! I read what you write I just rarely have time to comment!